Commitment to manufacturing,
and Innovative Technology

Angel is committed to
“high-precision, high-quality manufacturing.”

In order to achieve this, we develop our own proprietary materials, such as dedicated paper stock and coating for playing cards. We also develop and produce our manufacturing machines and equipment in-house.

In addition, we have utilized digital technology to develop manufacturing management systems, such as quantity management and inspection systems.

Our will to “continuously create better products” fuels our innovative technology developments.


Actualizing Digital Transformation

In order to realize high-precision manufacturing, Angel has amassed experience on technologies for digitizing analogue information.

Based on these technologies, we have developed and deployed the Angel Eye
Complete (AEC) system, which reads analogue information digitally, and converts
it into big data.

Our A.I. Systems Research Institute, which conducts deep learning research and development, and Angel Gaming, which develops RFID reading systems, continue to take the lead on these challenges.

We have jointly researched Deep Learning with the Matsuo Laboratory at the University of Tokyo.


Mutual Growth Based on Partnerships

Angel has strived to improve day in and day out since our founding in 1949, and has continued to provide high-quality products and solutions to the market.
As a result of our earnest approach to manufacturing, we are receiving high praise from customers all over the world in Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe.

We value our partnership with customers, suppliers and business associates above all else, and will do our utmost to grow together.
This is our promise which we will commit to for the coming future.

Our DNA is to develop together with our customers, why each feeling deep satisfaction.


Mentality of a Pioneer with many Intellectual Properties

Angel has been providing high-quality and industry-first products and solutions that surpass even our customers’ imaginations

As a result of this effort, we have acquired many intellectual properties including over 600 patents in the world in the last 20 years.
Currently we are filing various applications for artificial intelligence and RFID technology.