• Casino Playing Cards

    Casino Playing Cards

    The Angel Group developed and deployed the world’s first pre-shuffled playing cards in 1999. Subsequently, we have enhanced to the “No One Knows” pre-shuffled cards, in which no one knows the order of cards. This product became a ground-breaking innovation for casino security. Due to our high quality, Angel playing cards are the cards of choice for casinos around the world.

  • Casino Currency(Chip, Plaque)

    Casino Currency(Chip, Plaque)

    The Angel Group supplies casino currency such as chips and plaques, utilizing state-of-the-art security features, such as RFID. Our products are highly valued by casinos.
    In 2019, Gaming Partners International (GPI), the world’s leading casino currency company, joined the Angel Group.
    Through the synergies between Angel and GPI, the Angel Group continues to create even higher value-added casino currency that enables high security and integration with other Angel systems.

  • Casino Dice

    Casino Dice

    The Angel Group’s Gaming Partners International (GPI) is a leading manufacturer of casino dice.
    The finely manufactured precision dice provide uniform rolls and support fair casino operations.


  • Angel Cabinet

    Angel Cabinet

    Angel Cabinet is a table periphery device that utilizes advanced technologies such as RFID, to continue monitoring stored playing cards and casino currency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    In addition to providing high security, Angel Cabinet works seamlessly with other Angel systems, so that it supports casino currency and playing card inventory management throughout the casino, contributing to the further efficiency of casino operations.

  • Smart Reader

    Smart Reader

    Smart Reader is a device that verifies the authenticity of chips and reads the amount and quantity of chips at the cage.
    By utilizing advanced technologies such as RFID, security is high, and the checking of the amount and quantity of chips can be done in a short time, contributing to the improvement of casino operation efficiency.

  • Smart Float

    Smart Float

    Smart Float is a device that determines the authenticity of chips at the table, and reads the amount and quantity of chips.
    High security is achieved by utilizing advanced technology such as RFID, and it is possible to constantly check the amount and quantity of chips in the float.
    There is also a larger double level tray variant, which also contributes to improved casino operational efficiency.


  • Super Angel Eye

    Super Angel Eye

    ANGEL EYE is an electronic reading shoe (playing card dealing shoe) developed with the concept of protecting players and casinos from various kinds of fraud.
    Today, as a baccarat security shoe, it is the global standard in the casino industry, with a global market share of more than 60%.

  • A.I. Capture

    A.I. Capture

    “A.I. Capture” captures real-time analog information and converts them to digital data. AI and RFID enables the real-time capturing of data, such as game results per table, betting amounts, and casino chip inventory. By comparing the digital information of the game result, the bet amount for each bet location, and the chip inventory in the chip float, the theoretically correct balance of the game can be analyzed. A sound game progress can be confirmed, by checking the collection and payout conducted by the dealer at each table, and by checking for any fraud during the game. AEC can raise an alert in such instances.



  • Paper・Plastic Playing Cards

    Paper・Plastic Playing Cards

    We provide playing cards of the same pristine quality as those for casinos, to the retail market. Our variations include precision playing cards using original plastic sheets, and cards using originally developed proprietary paper stock.

  • “Hyakunin Isshu”

    “Hyakunin Isshu”

    The Angel Group‘s “Hyakunin Isshu” (Japanese poem cards) is a beautiful set which adds a modern feel while inheriting the traditional Korin style art. The CD recitation is by an exclusive reader for the All Japan Karuta Association.
    Our original “Karuta dedicated paper stock“ is used to enhance the look and feel, and this product is also used in various prestigious competitions and events.


  • Trading Card Games

    Trading Card Games

    The Angel Group manufactures the highest quality trading card game cards as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
    High security is achieved by completing production from printing to processing and pack-out in our own factory.
    Sets of cards can be a packaged under specified rarity conditions using our advanced shuffle technology.
    We have also received high praise for our handling of confidential information.

  • Playing Cards

    Playing Cards

    We manufacture playing cards of the same pristine quality as those for casinos, on an OEM basis. Our variations include precision playing cards using original plastic sheets, and cards using originally developed proprietary paper stock.
    We achieve the highest quality by completing the entire manufacturing process in-house, from printing to processing and packaging.